Ok, probably pretty easy sound, but it's driving me bonkers

What’s up people. Really excited to find Sonic Academy and these forums. I’ve been learning so much here.

Somebody must know how to recreate this sound. I’m thinking it’s a saw with some distortion and a low pass modulated to open up by an LFO?

I like the electric zap it has to it. Am I missing something?? How would you go about creating this?




I had a play around and the nearest I got was one saw tooth and a squarewave.

Set an envelope to mod the pitch up on the saw tooth and use the same one to mod the cut off from low to high.

keep the square clean to keep that solid pulse underneath.

Fiddle with the envelope and the rates and you should get close. Maybe the amp envelop too.

Am pretty sure about the pitch and the saw though as you can hear the ‘teeth’ as it speeds up.

excellent, thanks for the feedback. I’ll try it as soon as I get home.