Old skool TV Programs nostalgia

I could write a load of text here but i think the tv show names speak for themselves.

So lets talk about old tv programs we used to love, feel free to post yt links if you like…

I’ll start with a small few:

Crystal Maze




Gummie Bears


Knightmare was real class :cool:

Now I know how you guys get so high of a post count. Its all bull****ting! Nothing constructive. Oh well. :smiley:

Post count means sh*t, to be honest I don’t even look at it or other peoples.

SA should get rid of it, who cares how much people have posted.

I live for post counts Howie, there is nothing more important to me

Kenan and Kel.


or :smiley:

Tomorrow People


Whacky Races


I agree, without my post count I would kill myself… (Sarcasm)

Nightmare was awesome.

What about:

Whack a Day with the infamous Timmy Mallet

Captain Planet (although I was a bit old for this one)


Magic Roundabout (bit before my time but I used to love this in Uni)

There was also this odd French cartoon on channel4 in the mornings on a saturday about the human body that I used to like.

Awesome suggestions! :smiley:

How about The Avengers

When you said old skool, you wern’t kidding were you?

**** me, these shows were around before I was even born!

I’m leaving now for all you oldies to reminisce and listen to your jazz collections.

[quote]howiegroove (27/08/2010)[hr]Now I know how you guys get so high of a post count. Its all bull****ting! Nothing constructive. Oh well. :D[/quote]

Cant have a Community without getting to know eachother…

My Childhood shows:

The Broom Cupboard on BBC w.Philip Schofield.

The Lost Cities of Gold.

John Cravens Newsround.

Ulysses 31

Battle of the Planets

Dogtanian & the 3 Muskahounds.

Rentaghost / Metal Mickey

Banana Splits when I was a toddler & Swap Shop.

Going Live

Kids of Degrassi High



The A Team!! Love it.

And McGyver :slight_smile:

Used to like Going Live with gordon the gofer!

oh oh oh and Mysteries cities of gold!! AMAZING!!

I used to love the theme tune…


Great tune isnt it?

All those old shows did… Dogtanian… Remember that one?

The Ulysses one is pretty cool too… remember being v.excited hearing that.

Oh… and the theme from Thundercats!

Thundercats are on the move… Thundercats are LOOSE!

LOL :hehe:

Loved knightmares. Thinking about it was the presenter zack from emmerdale? Lol +1 on the post count. Cha ching!

Now i am showng my age




I remember that Family Ness one… SO fckin cheap… must be because it was Scottish! LOL


Fun House with the 2 dirrrty looking twins :smiley:

[quote]jpgetty2win (28/08/2010)[hr]SuperGran!

Fun House with the 2 dirrrty looking twins :D[/quote]

hahahah! +1

Loved Supergran, so funny when you look back at it and Fun House was awesome, Pat Sharps mullet and the twins who we all wanted to sleep with :smiley: