Olympus (WIP)

So obviously this isn’t done, but I would like some advice and criticism on the structure of everything. Also my transition into the drum and bass section is sloppy but oh well, this is the first thing I’ve ever made in Ableton. So just tell me what you think about it so far. I’m still a newbie.

Olympus (progress #2) by TankedMetal

Hey Mate, you’ve got some interesting sounds in there. Some thoughts I had

I’d have the intro section much longer - 32 bars - with little or no percussion (low end anyway) and no bass. Then, when you drop the bass/perc in it’s got a HUGE impact.

The Reese/Hoover bass in the second half (that pans left and right) is pretty weak and could do with a lot more oomph or harmonics in it to make it richer.

Just a couple of thoughts. Hope you find them useful.

Yeah man I definitely agree. I’ll make the beginning longer. I’ve been trying to find out how to make a “reese” bass, any tips on that? I’m still really new to all this. It’s exciting. :smiley:

Hey, check out the Tech Tips Vol 5 video. There’s a Reese Bass tutorial in there.

i really liked this, sounded good on my samson rubicons anyway :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m gonna work on the bass. So once I get the sound I like, how do I replace the current bass sound that’s there with the same automation?

depends how you created it. what instrument did you use?

I used operator with auto filter and octaves mod. I want to make a reese bass that’s super dirty.

Hey Tanked, well it’s pretty simple in that case.

Depends what you’re swapping it with. If it’s another Ableton VST you can click the Hot Swap button, find the replacement and click. Done.

If not then…

Set up a new channel and add whatever synth you need. Get the sound you want on it. If you follow Sonic Acedemy’s tech tip for a Reece Bass it’ll probably be Sylenth you’re using.

Now, in the session view, drag the synth with the correct sound onto the channel that has the synth you want to swap out on it. Make sure you hold down the mouse button down. The track strip will change colour to a lighter one. Now, in the window at the bottom of the screen you’ll see your old synth, the auto-filter and whatever other plug ins you’ve put there.

Keeping the mouse button held down, move the pointer from where on the track strip down to this window below and point over the old synth. Let the mouse button go and it’ll swap the synths out for you.

If you just drag the new synth over the track strip and let go it’ll delete ALL the plug ins on that track and replace them only with the new synth. So you need to ensure you’ve moused over the actual synth in the window below before you let go.

That way, it’ll keep all the automation.