One of my latest tracks (Tech House)

Hey guys here is one of my latest tracks, any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for listening. :smiley:

Believe It by Ben Lloyd

Hey Ben - I think it’s a solid groove but maybe needs a bit more variation here and there. Possibly with one-shot synth hits or FX. I did find the break really long, for this kind of sound.

Thanks for the feedback mate,

I do know what you mean, I’ll defo keep that in mind with my future stuff. The arrangement was based around an MYNC track but they pull it off far better than me haha. Thanks for the feedback

nice track man… great vibe…

Thanks for listening mate, glad you liked it.

I think with my next projects I’m going to try and utilise some FX a bit better, and try and build on making it a bit more interesting,

again thanks for listening, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Nice groove there mate

Thanks Duffdeal!

Anyone with anyother suggestions for improvements in the future apart from what has already been mentioned?

Sick track. Bass is heavyyyyyyy.