Only One - Sherwood Project

After the recent feedback received for this track, I have updated and made a couple of changes as per the
Please have a listen and provide good, honest
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I enjoy it much more :slight_smile: But you need to work more on the drop. It’s still not the drop i expect it to be. Start the drop with a white noise and add a high hat
I think it’s the bassline at the drop that i’m not comfortable with. I dont
The break at 3:03 comes to sudden. you need a nice transition
Good job on that intro, its very well done also the first break - very enjoyable.

Comments noted … I’ll have a break from this track for a couple of days then
I agree in the most part with what your saying and will look to address these
Thanks once again!

Hi, so for my taste I enjoy just the first minute and the last part from min:4:10 till the end. What I think is the break is too long. The stabs sound are very cool, but the break isnt that interesting too keep it so long you can start to drop back actually by min:02:21 with the last part of your track. And then change some things to not make it not to repeatly.