Opening a plugin in a daw

Opening a plugin in a daw takes about 10-15 seconds.win10 x64 at all so?

Hey @Filin

This could be quite difficult to tell like this, many things could be involved.

I suppose it’s related to Kick ( because of the topic category ) but it could be helpful to be more specific here.

So which DAW & which plug in exactly ?? Is this just related to Kick or happening mainly with all plugins ?

From an overall perspective, this could be a kind of “normal” behavior, especially when loading soft-synth & instruments plugins within a DAW.

Each DAW has a specific way to scan, authorize and handle plugins. To speed up DAW’s launch time, many of them are using a cache directory, and once the first time scan has been done for a new plugin, it would be store in there.

It could happen that this cache gets corrupted and leads to increase plugins launch time issue or other problems.

It could help to suppress that cache ( you have to refer to your DAW’s manual or support pages as this is specific per DAW ) and to perform a full new scan of your plugins.

General other rules & common sense to take care of :

Tough plugin launch time would first depend of your computer specs ( SDD or not, processor speed & RAM ) and if the plugin itself is CPU resources heavy, you have to take care of the following :

  • When running your DAW, avoid running as much unnecessary apps & process as you can in order to free CPU & RAM ( you’ll find many topics on the web explaining how to optimize WIN or macOS platforms for Audio ) but be sure to control what is starting in the background when powering on your system.

  • Since you’re on WIN ( but that’s also true on macOS ) be sure to always use VST 64 Bits Plugins with a 64 Bits DAW software ( the same rule goes for a 32 Bits environment of course ).

  • Always use the latest & up to date version of your DAW as well as your manufacturer’s latest Plugin’s releases.

  • Maintain your system up to date with drivers & OS updates & use an app like the free CCleaner to clean up unwanted disk garbage as well as to keep ( on WIN ) your registry clean.

Those are general good habits to have in order to avoid many problems, but again , if your plugin was loading much more fatser before and this is all of a sudden, have a search about resetting this plugin cache & scanning your VST’s from scratch ( specifically for your DAW ).

Hope this will help :wink: