Operator in Ableton

Recently become a annual-gold user of Sonic Academy. Really like your tutorials!


I would very much appreciate if you could make a tutorial about “How to use an Operator in Ableton in a proper way” like “UNDERSTANDING OPERATOR” and show some other similar VST instruments

thanks in advance!!!


you should look at the FM synthesis tutorial :smiley:

I did it actually:) but I’ve expected this tutorial much more informative. The Operator has really more potential and things inside which the Sonic Academy MUST teach in further tutorials.

The tutorial “Synthesis 101 - FM” is very very simple and actually only worth for a person who’s never seen before

I need more than that

I agree with u mate, I’ve looked at the fm and subtractive synthesis. I reckon there should be some more vids other than "this is an oscillator ,this is a saw tooth wave etc.

yes that’s true , i was thinking you were looking for the basics .

FM synthesis is awesome and a few more videos would do nice.

Operator has been my go to synth for some time now for percussion and I’m really pleased

with the quality and power of the signal . It also provides a good base for dubstep wobble from which you can start .

Hope you get what you want :smiley:

I also have a Sylenth1 and after some tutorials I feel I can handle Sylenth1 clearly to get a good sound by experimenting. In this case, I even feel that I the Ableton Operator is scaring me more and I feel uneasy by trying to generate a proper sound.

ALSO, I’ve come across now with the Alchemy & CamelPhat3. … I watched some video about these two engines. I found them great.

But I have two questions:

  1. I already have now a Sylenth1. So, is it really handy to have also the Alchemy as an additional tool?

  2. Am I correct that with the help of the CamelPhat3 I can advantagely manipulate with guitar, bass-and-drum sounds to get a better sound?

    thanks in advnc! [Smile]