Operator VS Sylenth

Hello, I’m using Operator and will need some help to get close to sounds created with Sylenth.

I didn’t have too much trouble to get a synth like the one used in the minimal tutorial, however the thick bass from the “Fidget electro” tutorial give me a hard time.

 I actually would like to know if I can find the equivalent of the 2 Sylenth’ parameters “detune” and “voices” on Operator.

Merci pour votre aide!


this would make my life easier to know this as well.

The voices section is at the bottom

Click on the section that say TIME, TONE, VOLUME then in the right hand side at the bottom of the middle screen you should have VOICES, RETRIGGER, INTERPOL, ANTIALIAS, PAN, PANKEY, PANRND.

i’ve never used the operator so i wouldn’t the know where to find detune and can’t seem to see it on there

to detune use the fine parameter on the oscillator next to the coarse parameter,

best to use them in odd increments

That is all I needed, thanks a lot!!!