Opinion on top vst's for Dada Life, Porter Robinson type sounds

Will be heading to school for music production here in January and would like to have certain vst’s ready for the sound I am looking for. I really look up to and enjoy listening to sounds from artists such as Dada Life and Porter Robinson and were wondering what vst’s would be helpful in producing like minded sounds.


Learn synthesis. And then slap on a sausage fattener :wink:

hahah i knew someone would throw out the dada synth…


Its not a synth, its a plug-in (FX). If you’re looking for a good synth, I would personally suggest sylenth1 by lennard digital or massive by native instruments.

What FlyingYeti said in his first post is the essential really. Learn yourself some Subtractive Synthesis to kickstart things with and you’ll get there eventually no matter what synth you use.

If you really want to get closer start also learning how to use Distortion Plugins, those basslines are gritty cause they distort it just right.

You could even use Guitar Amps Effects (not instrument) Software like Guitar Rig and Amplitube, Ive seen it produce some pretty awesome basslines since it really grits up the thing.

Learning how to throw modulation on Basslines helps aswell, things like chorus can really help make basslines come to life (SUTTLE AMOUNT THOUGH!).

If you want the actuall dada life bass sound its made with a sausage fattener and abletons own synth. Is it called Operator?

thanks for the help everyone, my bad i didnt mean to call it a synth haha i know it’s a vst, and i have massive, but just was wondering what else could complement massive for that gritty bassline

buy the Dam Kontakt Sampler, is a must have to every Music Producer Out there. because apart of a great sampler it have an awesome FX plug ins with a huge Sound Library to make any kind of Music you want