Orchestra Compositions


I think a tutorial on orchestral arrangements would be a great tutorial to have on the site.

I’m thinking along the lines of making Kontact orchestras or similar sound more real and what things to look out for when creating arrangements with various orchestral instrument combinations. Also things like what MIDI controllers to use with what instruments?

This could be for a film score type of arrangement or to create useful original orchestra samples for tracks.



YEah im interested in this also… Ive done some basic string arranging in th e past with decent results although i dont think i would be competent enough for a tutorial… Ill try to find a string arranging master to do one.

cool +1

Definitely up for this… seriously recommend Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere or Mirolslav’s Philharmonik for anyone venturing into classical territory.

yep sounds great

Hey guys,

Has anyone here attempted to use MIDI CC with Kontact orchestra? From what I gather you cant use host automation and you have to use the internal CC drag and drop function to assign a parameter and a dial on your controller.

I’m finding it kinda difficult at the moment to get anything like a realistic articulation with it in terms of things like soft pedal for piano or getting the notes to taper off less abruptly on strings. I’m sure its probbaly a really simple thing I’m missing somewhere. Can anyone on here point me in the right direction?



Some great strings in this

[hr] Marc Zimmermann - Redemption (Original Mix) by marc zimmermann

Aye anything by Zimmerman is bound to be gold. :wink:

However any ideas on getting a realistic articulation out of Kontakt in cubase? lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Any news on a classical instrument tutorial?

While you wait, check out some film scores of modern composers, like Toru Takmitsu, Ennio Morricone, Jerry Goldsmith, and Henry Mancini. These are real composers who worked with professional orchestra members for years creating some of the best film music of the last 50 years. They’ll give you some informative techniques if you listen carefully enough.

Orchestration is a very sophisticated art that many composers explore and perfect throughout their entire careers. I know I am probably starting to sound like a broken record, but you might also add some Prokoffiev, Bruckner, Brahms and Beethoven Symphonies to your listening list for a good idea regarding instrumental pairings and the actual sound properties the instruments have. Once you’ve heard all of those works, you could move on to the 20th century and hear some Stravinsky (The Rite of Spring, perhaps) and maybe some Webern for more avant-garde approaches to instrumental usage.


Does listening to Classical FM/radio 4 in the car help? :wink:

[quote]Deathhands (27/05/2011)[hr]Does listening to Classical FM/radio 4 in the car help? ;)[/quote]

I do well I don’t drive but do listen to classical music and even once in a while go to the opera

I am no expert or anything though also I listen to film soundtracks - which I find very inspirational especially for builds and tension

Edit: I think listening to all kinds of good music helps - from latin to Ukranian peasant music there is always something you can learn and enjoy at the same time

[quote]Deathhands (27/05/2011)[hr]Does listening to Classical FM/radio 4 in the car help? ;)[/quote]

Radio 4 isn’t going to help your music production, other than desert island discs it doesn’t really play music. It will help with almost every other part of your life though (I love radio 4!).

I find both stations help me with any feelings of road rage I might get from time to time. I will also listen to radio 1,2 & 3, but Radio 1 will do my head in pretty fast unless there is something decent on.

I studied Film & T.V music at college and at university although I specialised in sound for games. I do tend to spend perhaps too much of my time in the cinema with my eyes shut listening to the sound track. At the moment I’m working freelance as an audio tech for the games industry. I have worked on Operation Flashpoint, Dirt 2, Ashes 09 & Driver San Francisco.

This involves mostly SFX or QA work at the moment but I am getting into remixing for various bands who are on the up and coming list, often in the heavy metal scene which is where I spent most of my youth. Hopefully this will lead onto more music of mine being in a game or two :wink:

Sooo theres some random background on me then.

Wow… Classicle Dance Music. C’mon guys… we got somthin goin here…:smiley:

Well alot of old school trance seems to take a lot from classical composistions

Wondered if there was any chance of this tutorial getting going? I see there is now talk of opera so why not eh? I think specific advice on using MIDI contollers to assist in immitating a real orchestra as well as panning positions and such would be pretty useful for some epic tunes!

This may be of use


Yeah I already have that page among others bookmarked :wink: Still not quite the same as seeing someone mix it.

I have a copy of Acoustic & MIDI orchestration for the contempory composer which I can recomend on the subject or composition for the computer musician.

Still wouldn’t mind seeing a video on it.

This is set to be an awesome tutorial. There is a great classical mid section in Xetro’s ‘Game On’ released on Musical Madness. May be any an example to follow.