Organic Style Progressive Breaks

Organic Prog Breaks, where it all started for me…

I want to add some cool floaty pads, 1shot synths, drum fill fx, fx etc still… but this is what I got so far:

D05 - 3RETAK3S (WIP) by d-aRe

sounding good so far, like the variation in the bass and the melodic parts sound good…

thanks man, I’m trying to work out how these guys make the glitchy synths which sound random but are still in with the melody, this is used a lot in prog breaks and sounds AWESOME!!! Practice Practice Practice dude :w00t:

I’m diggin’ it man, takes me back to ‘99 progressive stuff. I loove spacey progressive breaks too! The only things I can think of suggesting in the tune are maybe to add some super reverbed out spacey white noise hits and wooshes as background elements. Seems like back in the day Way Out West and Hybrid used to add some of these FX randomly to add dissonance to their melodic breaky tunes.

I also read an interview with Hybrid awhile ago where they suggested a cool technique: export a 1 to 2 bar chord from the tune you’re workin on in audio and then bring it back into your sequencer and stretch it across the whole tune in the background so to add a consistency to the track. With the stretching of audio it adds cool little artifacts, maybe filter it down just so you can barely hear it.

Oh I almost forgot too, when I was listening to your tune I was thinking a piano in the break would be cool too. Lookin’ forward to hearing more, keep up the good work! :slight_smile: