Original track that is now a bootleg :S

So I produced this track and sent it to the label, they like it but said it reminded them a lot of another track… sure enough when they told me what it was I was pretty :angry:

more with myself for not figuring it out, can you guess the track? anyway its now available for free!! enjoy

D05 - iD by d-aRe

not sure which trrack but great production

I also don’t know the song it’s referring to, but I do know that yours is quite good. :smiley:

Yeah I have no clue what the song is either but its definately a quality track youve made!

i know what it is dude… :wink:

neverless good production and well done for getting your stuff signed now :slight_smile:


Thanks mate :]


Nice one man glad you like


Ha thanks dude!


Thanks again dude!

The lead is also in Prydz - Armed (sick tune)

Really nice dude! I wouldn’t get discourage about the similarities tho. Everything that people make already sounds like something else :stuck_out_tongue:

as i wrote on soundcloud, next level. absolutely pro quality… :cool:


ha yeah I know this dude, there’s always a few tracks you hear that are a spot on sound/melody of something you’ve already heard… cheers man :slight_smile:


you’re too kind sir thanks P ;]