Original Track Vs. Sonic Academy Track? ... Copyright infringement?

Hey guys so I'm not sure if this belongs in this thread, and ill put it in the "Tutorial Requests" thread as well just in case.

Anyways, I was thinking about what tracks of mine I want to put up on the new SoundCloud profile of mine, and going through all my projects, I found some that I had done along with a Sonic Academy tutorial which created a track sounding very close to the Tutor's Final Track. I did these back when I was really trying to learn about the tech of music producing and around my DAW and figured just copying what they did and seeing what does what would be a good way of learning. I wouldn't upload these under my name of course, because, well they really ARE NOT MINE. But it got me thinking about the fact that I do have some tracks that to an extent are pretty different than the SA track of whatever tutorial i went off of, but at the same time sounds similar and sometimes just a variation. I was just wondering if anyone here knew what the specific detailed rules are around Sonic Academy's tracks and what you can and can't claim as yours... For example, would it be ok or not ok to use, maybe, the same arrangement of different tracks/instruments (drum pattern) within a Sonic Academy song? Ok or not ok to use same arrangement but different sounds? Ok or not ok to use the same samples (including vocals) in a sonic academy track for some one's own track? Ok or not ok to use the same loops? etc. Anything you can think of that makes up a track...

So basically i'm curious what belongs to Sonic Academy in their tracks whether it be sounds, loops, instrument arrangement, track arrangement, samples, etc., whatever..

This is not because i want to try and get away with calling a Sonic Academy track my own, or calling a similar track my own, which would be stupid to do anyways, but simply because I want to be as loyal and respectful of Sonic Academy's talent and material as possible because without them i wouldn't be making anything at all really.

Any Information would help me and I think other newbies as well. :)

Also on a side note, if anyone has any information on typical copyright infringement and laws/rules around that within specifically electronic music it would be nice to also hear that because i remember hearing somewhere usually lyrics and vocals are the main themes of lawsuits and such, considering there are a large amount of instrumentals in electronic i was wondering what is usually subject for a lawsuit within this type of music....

With good intentions,