Oszillos Mega Scope or VISION 4Z

So I’ve watched both Nates videos on each respective plugin and I’m still torn which to get.

For ref:

Oszillos Mega Scope

Okay so I was really interested in Oszillos so that I can mix my kick and bass sounds better, looking at VISION 4X does look a bit more complicated and it doesn’t look to me like you can do the colour code and overlay that Oszillos does, is that right?
I’m just wondering what to do really because it seems like VISION has more features and its also £10 cheaper than Oszillos atm.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the plugins and what you think would be my better option, I mean can I still kick/bass mix in the same way with VISION 4X?

I have megascope and it’s pretty useful for kick/bass. You can really dial it in properly because you can load an instance strictly on the kick and bass channels - so thats the only information you’re seeing. Having said that, I find it’s UI a little rough around the edges though? And there was an instance where it was bugging out and destroying the sound of my bass channel for some reason. I restarted Ableton and it was still doing it so I just removed it entirely from the channel and the problem went away. I’m sure if I re-loaded it, it would have fixed the problem, but either way…
There are some other options I think i’ll check out in the future. If you’re using ableton there are some M4L devices that look very promising. Psyscope is another one that i’ve heard good things about but its Windows only.

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