Out Now on Work Records "The ***** Liar" by Iban Reus

The ***** LiarIban Reus’ new EP (WORK048).

The ***** Liar, Work records, Iban Reus, Stefano Noferini, DJ PP

Iban Reus, the ***** Liar EP, Mario Ochoa, House Music

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Funk effervescence, Chicago house flashes, NY disco sparks … this “***** Liar” is one of the best exponents of dance music -and when I say dance music, I mean it- loved, played and produced by Iban Reus. On a house base, all the elements come together to determine one of those tracks evoking a classic looking ahead to the present and future. The voice plays an important part as it splashes into the melody and percussion with those black touches that, artfully placed, suit it so well. It is ideal to be danced till you drop at night in Ibiza and places, not so close in distance, but in sound soul, like the New York club Cielo … give it time.

The transalpine artist, Stefano Noferini, takes some of the heat out in his remix, but provides it with a savoir-faire that will make it accessible to the most experienced DJs at that afternoon hours -full of light, color and good feelings- which already foreshadow an evening of dancing and endless hedonism. Its tempo is maintained, but its appeal remains and becomes electro to delight fans of nervous and disobedient rhythms.

DJ PP, from Uruguay, transforms the track into a deep passage, not so club submerged, and it only uses the original vocals and various synthesized sounds … the rest is home-grown. Gabriel Rocha proves once again he has a special talent to implement class and elegance to all that he creates, and in this case, remixes. We keep adding up.

To conclude, the Colombian Mario Ochoa surprises us again by carrying this “***** Liar” to a catchier, more rhythmic and dancing tech-house. Ochoa returns to his club essence and makes it return to the center of the dance floor, its natural habitat. Its originality is due to a series of sound subtle winks that give a special warmth that will appeal to all and sundry, you bet it will.

Fernando Fuentes, June 2012

Iban Reus, House Music, Space Ibiza, Dj Iban Reus

DJ Iban Reus, Space Ibiza, House Music

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