Output yesterday

Here is a finished tune of mine… Some feedback would be nice…

Thank you.

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Edited your post ( seems the tracks from your 1st post were removed & pointing to broken links ).

I’ll take a listen and will leave some feedback later on :wink:

OK so we have 2 tracks now :smile:

Both are good tracks, punchy kicks & nice basslines, great melodic elements and good structure for the arrangemnt. It’s energetic and can grab listener attention from start to end, so kudos on this :+1:

Now mixing wise, you’re puching everything really loud and it feels like a wall of sound.

1st Track “Polar Bear” is reading 7 LUFS in most busy parts and even 6 LUFS for “Never Again”.

Thats really loud and the end result sounds a bit muddy, I’m mising clarity and separation between the musical elements and everything whooshes, effects, atmosphere and percussive ear candies.

If you push everything loud and also use saturation and reverb, it might be useful to re-balance the level for those elements, filter the low end that you send to reverb and tame the high end that can sound harsh. You will gain clarity and dynamic in your tracks, not everything needs to be “in your face” and it helps the listener to grab the nice melodic elements.

Both tracks are also very “busy” with a lot going on at the same time, for “Polar Bear” I’m not found of the “whooshes” and riser noise effect almost all the time, sometime less is more, and it’s a good example for the muddines feel I mentioned before : the mids and low mids are taking lot’s of sapce over the melodic elements and the higher range of this “windy noise riser” sounds quite harsh.

Also picked up this transition effect in “Polar Bear” ( around 1:55 and 3:50 ) that’s not working for me, it collapse too quickly, like if the sound was brutally cutted, I would use something else.

So, 2 great tracks that grab attention, good progression & arrangement in both, but give a try to mixing at lower levels and create more separation between elements, less pronoucend reverb ( and filtering what you send to the reverbs ) and not using saturation or compression to push everything forward, contrats is a very good thing too :wink:

Hope this helps and keep it up, nice work ! :+1:

Cheers :sunglasses:

01-Polar Bear

02-Never Again

Hallo Tekalight,
thank you for your feedback. To be honest, I already know all the stuff you mentioned. I don’t understand, that I don’t get the levels right. I spend so much time in mixing. Nevertheless… I thank you very much again.

It’s not always easy to find the right balance for sure.

Some thoughts here :wink:

What’s your habit with mixing ?

  • Are you usually mixing at relatively loud levels & do you start with Kick & Bass already quite loud ?

  • Mixing at lower levels and setting your Kick and Bass track between -10 and -14 dB gives a different perspective when it comes to re-balance other elements.

  • Reaching for a final mix hitting around -12 dB ( at peaks values ) on your master channel gives you plenty of headroom and dynamic range to then further enhance the master with saturation, compression and a limiter.

  • Another thing is having a too much cluttered mix and too many elements fighting for space accross the frequencies spectrum, that’s where filetering with EQ and adjusting levels might be handy.

  • Some saturarors and other enhancers do add a load of harmonics content in the mix, this add to occupied space accross the frequencies and raising levels as well. The harder you hit those enhancers, the louder and more pronounced effect you’ll get ( especially if using plugins that replicate vintage hardware or even real hardware effects units ). So lower levels on the source tracks and using the effect gently can help with maintening clarity & dynamic, it’s easy to end up with an overprocessed Mix with some tools. Gaing staging along your mixing chain is important IMO.

  • Listening to your final Mixes at low level, average level and then loud ( and also on different listening devices ) can help to check waht’s working and what might be too much.

I actually really like the mix on Polar Bear… a lot of modern trance sounds quite similar in that the levels are really pumped to give a big “wall of sound” vibe.

The things that i would look at are the big airy pad that just sits over the start section. its not really going anywhere. its pretty static. you could filter it up to create more of tension build in that section.

The acid again isnt really doing anything its just the same the whole way through. you need your sounds to be working towards something… what is their purpose… what feeling are they adding to the track. melodies add emotion… pads can too but the need to have movement… to sweep up or down to build or release tension. acids are great for building sections starting low and bringing the filter up in each section.

Transitions: good transitions are the key to a great track… each time you are introducing something or moving to a new sections you need to be clever and creative with how you get there. make the most out of the moment. Use fills, filter stuff out, automate reverb on tracks… add phasers, do chops in the drums or other parts. theres loads of things you can do.

It can take a lot of work but its what can separate you from the rest. Just don’t over do it… for frequent transitions do something small. for bigger section changes you can get more creative.

With every element you are adding, transitions, melody, pads, drums you are trying to make the listener feel something. the worst thing you can do is let them be bored.

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Thank you for the feedback. I will try to do my best.


Try a few things mentioned above and let us hear the next version. :+1:

This 3rd track is also a good one :+1:

It’s still very loud :laughing: and could be polished, but you are able to produce tracks that works for the listeners and grab attention and that’s the most challenging part of music production IMO.

You can be super picky about techniques, levels…etc but if there’s not a good track behind it, then it probably won’t reach an audience.

So just keep it up, you can always upgrade your technical skills and production techniques over time. Tools and some courses can help with this, but talent and “a musical sense” for producing is something else and you’ve got that IMO, it’s more about the final “polish” and the last coat of paint :sunglasses:

Keep producing, learning and having fun with it, try out things and like Phil mentioned let us hear a new version ( woud be nice to have a “before” and “after” tracks rather than a new one BTW ).

Cheers :sunglasses:

Here is another one…

Any track ideas where I can get some inspiration from to continue the track?

I have been compiling a few playlist for reference ideas. Check these out!

Thank you for sharing…