Oven on, Check, Turky, Check, TRANCE - CHECK!

Got a turky last night reduced from £55 at m&s to £18 - should be dam good!!

Merry xmas everyone!!!

Haha I went to Morrisons last thing just to pick up a couple of bottles off champagne and ended up with bags and bags of discounted food, now in the freezer should last me through January :slight_smile:

I’m just breaking into old peoples houses & eating them.

The cold is keeping them fresh.

I prefer my flesh a bit fresher old people are too chewey

If you slow cook them its nice. Similar taste / smell to Goat. 

[quote]ICN (25/12/2010)[hr]If you slow cook them its nice. Similar taste / smell toGoat.[/quote]

What thats where your going wrong mate - raw flesh is much more nutriious - well thats what I am telling my guests if the turkey is undercooked :sick:

Haha! Either way, its nice with a bag of golden wine.

Bonus! :slight_smile:

Can’t beat meat that’s been matured for 80 years, pure vintage flavour.

Tastes a bit like the war