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Hah… yeah…

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I would go in slower. The impact at one minute is to much for me. But thats a taste thing. The Pad Sound f.E. at 3:30 is to loud for me. Over all I miss that one motive which catches me over the whole track. Next time you definitely should pick your synth line and put it more in front than the Atmo/Pad Sounds. I think that’s the main issue. After that I can not say anything which is bad about your track because it really isn’t. I like the energy, the Low End, the Vocal and probably the rest of it.


Yep also agree that a lower tempo would work better. Mixing wise it’s OK, maybe just watch out for the kick popping out too much and some over saturation in the higher range, we loose clarity during very busy parts of the Mix.

Arrangement wise I find it too much different, going for this very fast tempo to much more quieter parts, so I didn’t get that flow from start to end, but more a feel like it was almost a mix rather than one track. Might be personal taste as well but I missed consistency during my listening.

Those quieter parts are nice, good synths sounds in there, give it a try to do slower stuff maybe :wink:

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