Oxia - Sun Step - Getting that bass sound and correct midi pattern

Hi all,

Hope this is Ok but as I subscriber I thought I would add this topic in here as well.

I was wondering if someone could help me. I would like to know how to create the bass sound and also which midi/pattern notes to use when creating a similar bass sound to that of the one in Oxia’s Sun Step track. I can create most of other bass sounds apart from this. I have spent hours trying to re-create it but no luck as yet!! I have noticed there are many tracks using this particular style at the moment.Here is a Youtube link of the track -

Oxia - Sun Step (Original Mix) - YouTube

My preference would be to use the Sylenth as its the one synth I am familiar with.

Can anyone advise me please?

Thanks in advance for your help


i would love to know that too !! also the midi pattern and what swing to use there … ?

plz people !!

I dont know exactly but in my research for the tribal tutorial tutorial i found that a lot of the drums i was making sounded more like basslines when they where played together.

I would say this is not in fact a bassline at all but rather a percussion loop of sorts.

its using a 40-50% swing groove

Something like this…?