Pads & Hats

no that peak is not the key because hi hats dont have a key… there are way way way to many integrated frqs all jumping around over time for this type of sound to ever have a key.

only sounds with a fundamental tone to them can have a key. i.e. some kicks, some toms. a sine wave a vocal etc.

you should only try to match the key of your musical parts and maybe on rare occasions your kicks and toms if they really don’t SOUND right.

Dont forget the whole point of this is making stuff that SOUNDS cool not looks cool, should be right on paper, is teh proper way to do it or anything else… the one and only thing that ever matters when you are making music is do you like how it sounds.

when you are starting off you might not know exactly what you think sounds good but after you have completed lots of tracks you start to build a picture through experience of making tracks… liking them loads to begin with then hating them as soon as you start your next one… then after you’ve done 10 you will look back and go OMG i cant believe i thought that first one was good.

IMO this the only way to learn the ART of making music… experience, practice, repeat.


I think there is more focus on keys in that pack because the samples sound like they are ripped from tracks where there might be additional tonal noise on the sample from the track.

There are a lot more important areas of the process you should be working on like spend more time practicing riffs, arrangement, groove, breakdowns etc. rather than all this time worrying about if you hats are in tune.

is like learning to play the violin and agonizing about what sort of chalk you use on your strings rather than learning to play twinkle twinkle little star.

I can’t believe I just read three pages about hi hats

Just in case you’re still trying to make pads Rob…