Pads & Hats

I’m having a problem making & finding airy, dreamy pure sounding pads that last a few bars. I like the nexus sounding pads but I do not have the money for that plug. But I do have ANA & Ableton suite with all the preset Instrument sounds.

Would it be possible to make a tuts using the stuff I have mentioned above.

Also I am having a problem making my hats sound good. Any tips? or may be a tech tip vid would be good.

And can you please do a riser tuts using ANA, I can’t figure out some of the controls yet.

can you give an example of the pads.

we will doing a ton of ANA sound tutorials when the new version hits… hopfully very soon.


There’s a topic concerning hats already. I’ve given it a shot as well. Might be an idea searching for that one :wink:


Finding a few nice loops is all i really do… just cut out a few bits from each and layer them up until ive got a good groove going.

It can be hard work to get a nice groove going building them up from scratch.

i also dont thing you can really tune them at that frequency

Thanks phill,

Just found this info

Uploaded with

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yeah tuning snares toms and kicks might work for some but trying to tune hi hats is a step to far… they dont have a fundamental frequency.

I think there is a time for technical and a time for sitting back and using you ears and just trying to get a feel for it.

Having lots of knowledge is great but if you aren’t practicing just using your ears and feeling the vibe youre tracks could end up very boring and rigid.

Use the force Rob… let go of your feeeelings!


Have to agree there with Phil. Hats, rides & crashes are hard to tune cause they have no good to pick main frequency,

Kicks, toms & snares are better. Although the latter is already becoming harder.

Best thing is to pick all those elements on ear.

I always use Impulse for that. With the swap button I change between them until I find a satisfactory one. Then I place that one on #2 and continue the process until I have about 4 closed hats and 4 open hats. Both on different tracks.

I actually do the same for the snares and claps.

As you can see in image 3 you posted there’s a certain peak 187Hz. That’s, as you can see F#. Use that as a guide.

This is how I go about the hats issue: [url=][/url]

Who made the loops in the ultimate drums sample packs Phil?

myself and Chris Agnew


hi hats dont have a fundamental frequency… the are more like just white noise… i.e. fill all frequencies.

When you talk about “tuning” are you talking about changing the pitch or are you talking about sculpting the frequencies with EQ? These are 2 very different things.


ok… well thats totally different than tuning.

10k+ gives you air

6-10k gives you real brightness and sizzle

3k is where the harshness is ( i tend to roll some of this off)

1k is generally as low as hats needs to be… you can roll off most freqs below

but its totally dependent on the sound you are already using… use you ears… compare to other tracks etc.