Panning - some questions

trying to understand how panning is used in danceable electronic music. so far i only know that bass and kick should be in the center, hihats can be panned stronger left and right. other instruments i spread more or less randomly.

some questions:
a) how far left and right should you go before it starts to sound like a 60s recording?
b) what is usually panned where? let’s say we have a simple song with kick + closed hat + hihats, a sub bass + mid bass, a pluck arpeggio, a lead synth and a pad. what would usually go where?
c) should the panning effect be placed before all delay, reverb, widener, etc. effects or after? sounds logical to me to do it before.
d) how to deal with the problem that something that sounds nice with all instruments playing (panned left and right like a boss), starts to sounds strangly weighted to one side once you play only one of the instrument? is it common to automate this panning? like in iron butterfly’s in a gadda da vida where first bass and eguitar are on one side, drums and organ on the other side, vocal in the center, but in the solo segments (e-guitar, drums, organ) each iinstrument when playing its solo is moving towards the center.

a) up to you really, i wouldn’t go hard left / right generally

b) again its personal preference, keep all your low bass in the centre, the higher up the frequency they reach then you can do a bit of widening if you wish.

c) again - its up to you, whether you want the delays to stay panned or not, generally i only pan the source and leave the effects to do their own thing.

d) you can automate the panning if you wish, it is really all personal preference. if i had a instrument that had a large pan left that only worked with its counter part with a large pan right, then i would avoid having them play in isolation