Paris Burns presents: Rumble In the Bronxx (Original Mix) [Audiophile Live APL004]

Meet the talented Yukhananov brothers, the faces behind the groundbreaking act Paris Burns. Starting off a phenomenal 2012 year with a remix for James Egbert, Paris Burns’ live DJ act is equally as impressive. Known by their fans for their vivacious and witty sets, Paris Burns have established themselves as prominent players in the big room electro scene. Rumble in the Bronxx can be described as heavy, electrifying, and a genuinely suitable track for festival play.

Support from: Markus Schulz, Alex Kidd, Monolythe, Faust & Shortee, Yenn, DJ Arcade, TastyNetwork, Ming, Electrostep Network, Ronski Speed, TheBizzElectro, Robert Vadney.

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