Paypal Accaunt don''t have creditcard

Hey guys

I’m trying to buy Kick 2 and have the money on my Paypal accaunt. But don’t have a creditcard to connect with my accaunt.

My balance is 120 euro right now and the plugin is 63 Euro. If I want to pay they are asking to connect my creditcard to pay for the plugin. But there is enought amount on my accaunt.


Rob Commandeur

Hi Rob

As far as i’m aware - our payment gateway requires that you have either a credit card or bank account linked with your Paypal account. The payment will then be taken from firstly your Paypal Balance (if available) - then your Credit Card or bank.

Well I have to connect my -

I have the same problem, enough balance but still asks for a credit card. Never had problems with buying Kick v1 & ANA this way.


We have updated the site and switched out entire payment system.

The new allows you to use your Credit Card without going through Paypal - When using Paypal, you must have a Bank Account or Credit Card linked to the account.