i signed up today and wanted to subscribe. you listed paypal as payment method but i cant select paypal at payment options. there are only creditcards listed. i would like to subscribe but dont have a creditcard. please help me!


we’re looking into this now and will get back to you


Same here waiting for Paypal…

Yup, would love some paypal action too. Simple simples. :slight_smile:

Hope this issue wil be resolved soon… don’t have a CC either and Paypal would be so much easier!! :cool:


paypal is only available if you pay upfront for a year for a subscriber or subscriber plus annual account. these are worldpay’s (our payment gateway) rules not ours


Aaah thanks for explaining, didn’t know that. :slight_smile:

strange i paye on beatport etc with paypal and i never had this problem.
I want to buy your kick 2 but i can’t :-/
Really anoying.