Pc help

Im due a nice little rebate of the taxman soon so im looking at upgrading to live 8 and i really wanna get spectrasonics omnisphere.

now at the moment im on a oldish pc.one of the last socket 939by asus.

my specs as best to my knowledge are a asus a8v deluxe motherboard,2gb ram,amd x2 64 dual core 4200 2.20 ghz.

2x 150 sata drives plus a few externals for storing stuff not being used,xp pro with sp 3.

 now my mate has a similar setup apart from he’s got a 4400 processor  and he just got omnisphere but as soon as he starts adding compressors and filters etc the cpu meter goes way up to 68% and pops crackles and lags badly.we both have the m audio delta 1010 so i cant see it being problems with the card.

i get it some times using rapture so im a bit hesitant to buy omnisphere yet if my pc is gonna not be able to handle it.

is it worth worth up grading parts of my pc or is it worth starting again and buying a whole new setup ?

well you have enough ram so that’s not gonna be your problem.

sound card wouldn’t be an issue.

is the processor due core ?

sata drives should be more that fast enough.

i would personally try cleaning all the crap, unwanted plug-ins, cracked software off the hard drive defrag and try to clean your system up as much as possible before spending any cash.

sorry just read through it again. the pc to me is more than enough for a major project.

do you have a lot of crakced software running or loads of crap on your application drive

Iv read loads of people having problems with omnisphere and performance. Its a relativly new synth and so can expect afew bugs to be ironed out along the way but from what I can tell omnisphere needs a pretty serious machine to handle the new steam engine. Tough decision as it isnt cheap. Shame they dont do demos…

Rapture is different as its not sample based.

if you have any big folders/files on your desk top that can slow down your system, the same goes for any un needed application that start on boot

theres a lot of crap on the drive which im in the process cleaning up the only cracked software i had was adaware but i haven’t used that for ages so i’ll get rid of that.

i’ve got norton on there but my years subscription runs out in august,i heard that can clog it up abit.

just now reading the system req for omnisphere

by the looks of it i am very wrong

2 gig or more of ram

50 gig hd space

3.0 gig processor or higher (core2duo recommended)

thats one hell of a plug-in, personally i’ve heard alot about this plug-in but at that sort of system cost i’ll probably avoid it now

in regards to updating my motherboard etc

can any one point out some decent processors and motherboards because im really getting my head into this now and i wanna make music without the hassle of pops and cracks etc.

and also will i still be able to use my delta 1010 with the new boards.

gigabit ep45 - compatible with hackintosh



thats similar to what i got.

fast as fish