Peak catching

I wanted to ask you guys if you knew whats best to use for catching high peaks and when should you use them. Like soft clipping hard clipping limiters and compression. How do you use those along with maybe transient shaping or any other types of limiting peaks and what that does.

Hi there @Helix_Holmes

There’s different tools and techniques that can relate to your question and their use can vary depending if you’re at the sound design , mixing or final mix/mastering stage in your project.

Basically, you’d like to keep control of high frequency range peaks ( and peaks in general ) to get more control on your sound and avoid those peaks to trigger effects like compressors or limiters or simply to tame down too much piercing or harsh sounding audio material that can easily bring ear fatigue when listening.

But yes, there’s different tools and techniques and it depends what you’re trying to achieve as well.

Maybe the following tutorials could be interesting, the 1st one is nice to get a better general picture IMO.

Hope this helps :wink:

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