Peak Time Techno

Do you like it? It’s not finished at all. Especially don’t know how to go in to the last drop:confused:
I am also unsure if that mainsynth is a bit to annoying over time…
Send me feedback! I am sure that I will need it!

Sorry for late reply :wink:

Good elements with the drums & Fx sounds setting a good feel & atmosphere for this genre. Bass & Kick rumble still a bit too much present, would try to side chain it to bring some pumping effect and movement.

Yep, the synth parts and notes progression are quite static over time, you’re using different layers to create variations but patterns are very predictable and it’s a 6 minutes long track, so yes, taking the risk to be annoying for the listener.

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Np. happy you listend to it at all :slight_smile: Yes lots of work here. I got the same tipp from someone else. There should be way more variety espacially in the main synth. Thank you as everytime for aour feedback!

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