Peak Time Trance

Just heard the peak time trance tutorial and all i can say is wow…absoloutly epic! thanks alot guys! :smiley:

Phils brother right?? :wink:

No, Magic’s

lol he deffo deserves a brown-nose for tht 1! :slight_smile:

The thing is he really does!

I’m having trouble replicating part of the tutorial in “How to Make Peak Time Trance” Tutorial 23 - Adding a top Riff:

At the minute mark a synth (the Korg M1, piano) is loaded, an Instrument Rack is loaded, and Simpler is loaded in the Instrument Rack.

I can’t get them in that order. Specifically: I can’t get the M1 immediately to the left of the Instrument Rack. Whenever I try to load it there it overwrites the Instrument Rack. (What I can accomplish without that overwriting is creating an Instrument Rack and loading both the Simpler and Korg M1 into it.)

What am I missing?



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[quote]pauljohnson1985 (05/03/2011)[hr]the peak time trance tutorial is …absoloutly epic! :smiley:



SA classic!! :smiley:

Its the best tutorial they have done…

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