People if you have a spare 15 minutes, watch this!

Hey guys

I think some of you will really enjoy this, they are a great set of videos, exploring how everything we do is just adapted from other peoples work “everything is a remix”. Not all the videos are exactly relating to music but still they are a very good watch.

enjoy :slight_smile:

Yeah I watched that the other night - pretty interesting stuff

That led zepp stuff in the first vid is crrraaazzyyyy!

It’s kind of sad I used to loook up to page and plant as a kid playing guitar.

There’s really nothing you can say to dispute that, i could understand the instrumental similarities but taking the lyrics was astonishing, great post.


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i watched these movies the other day…

Both Steve Jobs & Bill Gates used to always say 1 of Picasso’s sayings…

Good Artists Copy. Great Artists Steal.