Percussion loops

hey all,

im after some perc loops i do struggle programming percs that dont piss me off after looping round for a while. :stuck_out_tongue:

does anybody know where i can buy some from or free sites ive looked all over, i bought 2 packs from S2S “groove additives 1&2” however these are awful :crying: they dont even sound in time with my loop.:w00t: im on live btw.

preferably with out snares, i cant seem to drop snares out of loops without it sounding turd! i slice to midi then drop out what i dont want but it just sounds choppy ive played around with start times etc. maybe its just me?!

cheers andy


which pack do u mean?

Have a listen to the samples and see which one/s suit your style the best.

I use essential club sounds vol2 and thinking about getting vol4 soon:cool:

Vengeance has some great ones, or you could also check out they have a crapload of samples.

thanx for the reply’s guys. i have got some vengeance packs that where on an old external hd. (didnt know perc loops were on them):wink: