Performing Live with Ableton and Laptop

I have been transferring our live set from Cubase to Ableton Live and whilst I have found a lot of information and inspiration in searches it would be good to have the definitive tutorial of how to optimize files and lots of tips and tricks, I will be getting an Akai APC40 in a few weeks but it does not have to be specific for this controller as midi mapping is easy in live whatever you are using.

I have transferred a couple of tracks and I am doing lots of different things live such as firing drum variations and going back to the main beat using follow actions, filtering and creating special effects for intros and breaks etc so I know what I am doing but there may be more to know.

Also I am a long time Cubase user from the days of the Atari and although I am seriously getting into Ableton live it would be good to see some more tutorials for Cubase as I can always learn something new even after all this time.:slight_smile:

Cheers Gerald

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I agree more Cubase tutorials . now i dj now with ableton ( using cue points and using may loops) but never did a live pa . so i guess would be nice to have like a tutorial how to perform Live .

Hey mate. Here’s a wee video about putting together a live set. it’s a video i made and the song being played is a song i made. Hope you enjoy it and please if you have anymore questions please let me know :).