"Petatonic in Black" scale in Nu-disco tutorial

I’ve been doing the Nu-disco tutorial recently and have thrown in the “pentatonic in black” scale preset with the base set to D sharp as per the video.

I went along with the video just assuming that it was a regular d sharp minor pentatonic but when I turned the scale effect off and played the minor pentatonic myself discovered it’s not it at all - and it doesn’t even start on D sharp!

My head is melted trying to figure out what sort of a variation on a pentatonic it is or how it relates to the D sharp your told to set it to in the video. If anyone could enlighten me on the issue I would (in theory) by them a pint!


Great, thanks. the notes that appearing to be played on the plug-in keyboard are

B, C sharp, E, F sharp, A . I 'm running off an old Dell-boy so I haven’t got that app - sounds handy though.

Maybe I’ve got the wrong idea of the scale effect but setting the base to D sharp I would have assumed that it had something to do with the key. This has confused me altogether!


with the scale plugin you can play any note sand it will automatically map them to whatever scale you choose.

locrian is a mode and it is neither minor, nor major.


here is some examples of pentatonic on the black keys.

- YouTube


Thanks for the help Rob and r… I’ll check out that video

the easiest way to consider modes is to think of the c major scale. if you were to take that scale and start on the d but keep all the same notes, you would obviously not have a D scale (as D has two sharps, F# and C#) you would instead have the dorian mode of C major.

interestingly enough, if you were to start the tonic at the VI (A) you would have: a, b, c, d, e, f, g, a. That is called the aeolian mode of C or the A natural minor scale.