PHIL/anyone that knows.. advertisment music

hi guys

looking to get some music placed on adverts (radio/tv/corporate).

not sure how id go about it… obviously put some tracks together and post them out but… in what order should i do it and what format/length should i do them in??

do i contact a publisher first? a production library KPM/BMG first?

how many different verisons/lengths of each track should i send etc? 10 tracks at 3 different lengths… = 30 tracks :expressionless: ??

a question escpecially to phil, do you still write and send off your tracks to the production libraries, getting placements?

thank you to anyone that can help me (and everyone else interested in doing this). just need a little point in the right direction where i need to go first.


Great post, should be in the music discussions forum :wink:

[quote]roben (14/07/2010)[hr]Great post, should be in the music discussions forum ;)[/quote]

You’re going Off Topic :hehe:

no one?