Phil - can youy give me your feedback please

Phil, this track is pretty much done, can you let me know your thoughts, just anything that comes to mind really. Also if you have any thoughts about suitable labels to send this one to, do let me know. Thanks mate,
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Hey man I know my knowledge is tiny in comparison to Phils but said I leave you some feedback. One of the things i notice most about the track is that the kick seems to get drowned up in some of the parts. I believe the kick is the most important part of the track so it should always easily be heard. I really like the saxophone sound thing (don’t know how to describe it) you have going on throughout the track. Also feels like to me that you have way too much going on in some parts of the track, a lot of the tutorials on SA they say less is more and i think you should try to take that ideology in mind with this track. The track overall sounds very nice but can feel a tad bit repititive so maybe some unique breaks could really bring it
Nice work
Well done.

Thanks Paul, good advice there, cheers mate.

Hi Dave, great track with a really good groove to it. Yeah I agree about the kick, it sounds like some of the bass could do with being cut around the kick to make it stand out better. I also think some of the sounds occupying the top frequencies could do with rolling off a bit as it sounds a little harsh at

Kick sounds a bit low and flabby to me… could maybe use a higher pitch click and
The rest sounds spot on to me… except maybe the top melody… it dosnt seem to gel sonically with the rest of the track… i would expect something more like a chord stab or live String, Sax or Brass stab sample rather than a synthy melody.