Piano Dance Track

Hi All

I am definitely in the beginner category trying to implement some of the knowledge from Sonic Academy’s videos.

I am not very good with genres so no idea what label this would fall under. I was following one of Protoculture’s trance tutorials where he was working with vocals and I decided to base the track around a piano riff.

Any feedback will be very much appreciated.

All the best

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Welcome aboard on the forums and sorry for the delayed reply over the holiday :wink:

Nice one,the kick and bass are playing well together, elements like the kind of “sonar” synth sound pushed through delay + reverb adds a nice background and vibe to the track.

Mixing wise, I found the mid and higher frequency range sounding a bit harsh, you might want to tame those picks in the mids & highs. Mix is also quite loud and spread through stereo, it’s good to reach a commercial or club track level, but taming the mix a bit and creating more balance & contrast between the lows and the highs and mono and stereo could be interesting.

But yep, nice work and cool track, keep it up in 2024 ! :+1: :sparkles:

Hope this helps !

Cheers :sunglasses:

Happy New Year!

Thank you for taking the time - really appreciate it. I will take a closer look at the tonal balance. Your feedback regarding stereo spread has been very helpful. I have just finished a couple of courses here that have given me a good idea of how to approach the next endeavour.

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