Piano Samples or such like

I’m looking for a nice piano for my new track, something like the one in the below tune. I use ableton, I have tried the NNXT in reason but it isnt cutting it.

Anyone recomend any like this kicking in at 0.46?

This might not be exactly what you’re looking for, or you might have checked it out already, but I do really like the korg m1 that’s covered in the new main room house tutorial. You can find some samples here:


I think with the right effects on it you might be able to get something close to that. Great song by the way.

Have a listen here see if there is anything it’s ableton ready PM grand piano presets from puremagnetik


sounds like logics stock piano exs24 to me but could be wrong

[quote]Jon_fisher (04/12/2010)[hr]sounds like logics stock piano exs24 to me but could be wrong[/quote]

it is mate but I dont have logic

cheers for the advice so far, will get looking