Pink noise

i was watchin the tech tips on mixing wit pink noise, looks really usefull,

but i cant find a sample of pink noise anywhere?

anybody help?

If you have Massive, I think that has a good few colours inc. Pink? but not fully sure.

White Noise, is a sound containing every frequency audible by human beings equally (20hz - 20khz), pink noise is a variant of it, containing every frequency audible by human beings per octave. So i’m guessing if you have a good enough EQ you could bring out only the frequency of each octave within 20hz - 20khz and pink would be the outcome. Maybe… haha :') defs up for criticism on this.

There’s another topic about this and it holds a few download links of this type of noise. Just use the search function on the forum.

There was an other topic somewhere on it but no matter, try this one I think this is what I use…


In fact if you or anyone else are stuck for a particular sound, freesound is a great place to visit, get all sorts of recordings there… for free! (as name suggests haha) :smiley:

thats great lads thanks a lot

I tried the pink noise approach for mixing and found it really useful to check if something is too dominant and ultimately for achieving a more balanced mix. When I compare the pink noise in a spectrum analyzer its slope fits very well with what I see on a lot of really well made tunes. Take a look at Deadmau5 Arguru (original mix) for example.