Playhead ahead of arrangement!


ive been using live since version 7 now all of a sudden im getting latency when playing my arrangement. for example when i press the space bar the sound is roughly half a second late and then when i press again to stop and it stops late.

i can play an instrument with no latency. its really annoying when trying to edit samples or do automation. ive tried other live sets and they all function correctly:crazy:

ive read something about using 3rd party plug ins etc in front of native devices in a chain can cause delays???

ive tried turning 3rd party devices off but i still get the same problem! :evil:

any help would be great :smiley:

cheers andy

Sometimes if you route fx return tracks to other returns it messes up the delay compensastion.

i did have sum fx on the sends Ive got rid now and im still getting the same problem.

upon further inspection as its really getting on my tits it seems to be all live sets there’s even a delay on the sample browser the play head is ahead of the samples!

Ive got onto ableton but there usually pretty slow at getting back in touch:crazy:


If its on all live sets it could be sound card latencey.

What option do you have selected for your audio outputs in prefs?

see the attachment.

The only thing i can think of is if i need to update the souncard software. ive tried thru NI website i download the update but sod all happens. always have trouble with their service centre

i reckon ive sussed it out! it appears to be a new plug in that ive recently bought

the “DDmf LP10 EQ”

deleted that from the set and now its gone!

tryd it on a new set with 1 audio track playin a loop put the eq on and it started lagging turned it off and the loop plays fine!:smiley:

thank christ for that! been pricing up new audio interfaces :w00t:

cheers andy

Maybe a setting on the plug? But doesn’t sound worth the effort tbh :cool: