Please allow to export midi notes from the Arp sequencer

So I got to play with ANA 2 lately and I’m very impressed with what you’ve done here guys & girls, Big up! What I’d really like to have though is to export the midi pattern I create using the Arp sequencer to third-party VST or DAW. It will surely increase my time spent with ANA.

Hey there @Asafsky

Midi Out to DAW is already possible when using the VST Plug-in version, you can check my other post here on the forums to see how to set this up.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Hi @Tekalight and thanks for reaching out. Would be great if you can add FL Studio routing instructions as well. In any case, I saw in other plugins a feature that allows to simply drag & drop midi sequence from a generator to another generator. This is much convenient than routing stuff.

The problem with a drag and drop system is that the Arp is dependent on what is played in to it. until you play some midi in the arp doesn’t generate anything.

@phil_johnston The way the guys at SugarBytes implemented this feature in DrumComputer is what I have in mind. Captain Chord is also a good example of that. The d&d system follows the pattern as it changes and you can export the midi notes whenever you like to any midi supported player.