Please can somebody help with this?

Hi all,

Firstly, sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum - I wasn’t sure where to post.

Last night, I recorded a vocal for a house track I am working on. I am an ableton user and have constructed the track largely with this. In one section of the song, I have used an ableton synth preset to play a stabby melody. Using the modulation wheel on my midi keyboard, at the end of a particular section in the track, i bend the pitch of this synth sound downwards over a couple of bars.

Here is my issue. One section of the vocal is a long note, held for the duration of this pitch bend. I want to be able to chop this vocal up to follow the same arrangement and notes/pitch bend of the ableton synth - or at least bend the pitch of the vocal in the same proportions as the synth. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY OF DOING THIS ? IF AT ALL POSSIBLE ?

One option i figured is to take the synth melody in to melodyne to establish the notes used in the pitch bend of the synth - and then map these notes to the vocal using a vocoder. I am sure there must be an easier way ???

Would be very grateful for your help on this!!!

Thanks in advance.


you could drop it in to simpler.

then you could use pitch bend

[quote]phil johnston (19/05/2010)[hr]you could drop it in to simpler.

then you could use pitch bend[/quote]

This ^^^

copy the envelope automation for the pitch bend in the synth, paste that to the audio transpose automation lane for the vocal. i havent tried that before but thats what id go for first

Yup - These Guys have it.

Any sort of sampler… Simpler w.Ableton.

Thanks guys . . .  Will get on the case tonight and will post results when the track is done! :slight_smile:

ok guys . . . Simpler worked a treat! Thanks for ur help . . . check out the second breakdown to hear the pitch bend in the tune :slight_smile: