Please listen guys my new tech deep house track

the song has nice moments and i get the idea what it tries to be but overall it’s a too bland and non-climatic for my taste. it starts, it ends and not much happened inbetween. drums, pluck, bass, they don’t move much forward and don’t move much up and down. it’s not bad but i’d say you stopped working on it a few days too early.

Cheers mate totally agree! I did think that myself! ill back on with it. Thanks for listening

I’ll start by saying I didn’t realize how hard it is to give feedback until trying it now lol. Completely subjective but my 2 cents of course!

I like the song. I think some parts could be brought out of the mix more, like that glass/plucky sound thing. Maybe add some light saturation? Not sure how that would make it sound but that’s where I’d start.

I think the kick is a bit too heavy and the overall mix could be a little brighter. I would play around with the mix.

Kind of random: it was faint but I really liked the ambient noises in the background when I noticed them. I think it’s like a distant siren sound with this shimmering sound? I noticed them around the 2:20 mark.

Cheers mate! the siren noise plays all the way through I maybe have to turn it up a bit ha! I’ll work on the pluck tonight I tried to layer it but u couldn’t get it sounding right. It’s my first attempt at this style of track and by the end I ran out of ideas. Thanks for the feedback it helps a lot :slight_smile: