Please Please give me keyboard help

Just got the oxygen8 keyboard today and am running it through usb only. i’ve got the drivers installed etc. #

i have followed the instructions for ableton use like going to the midi sync tab and adding it as a control surface and input but i just can’t get any sound out of it!

i’ve assigned a sample to a midi track to see if i can play it in different notes on the keyboard with no luck, and i have had it plugged in whilst using sylenth and there’s no sound apart from my pc keyboard A-L keys.

am i doing something really wrong here? if i click along the top the screen goes blue or orange so am i missing something there?

pleeeeeeeeeeeeease help me! :slight_smile:


have you armed the track in ableton

sorry mate not quite sure what you mean. do you mean have i added a sample to a track so i can use the keys to play it on the keyboard? if so, yes i have.

i’m sorry, not quite up to speed on ableton and producer glossary terms :slight_smile:

Is the red button on in your session view?

Ok don’t think the above worked, try this:


as above just press the little red record button on your channel and it should be armed

Thanks guys have tried that with no joy - i feel like throwing this piece of crap out of the window!

i’m only running this through a usb cable, does anyone else have a similar setup or are you all using midi cables as well?

i bet when it does eventually work it will be the most simplest of things i have missed :w00t:

Mine is through USB as well.

  • Does the little yellow light light up in the top right corner when you press your keyboard keys?

  • Check Options - Preferences and click MIDI Sync, is your keyboard showing and do you have ‘Track’ clicked to On next to your input?

I’m officially an idiot people! After about 4 reboots it started working all of a sudden, maybe it was a driver problem in device manager or something like that.

Anyways it’s all good, just need to get it working on my dad’s computer as he’s into trance - crazy i know for a 60 year old!