Please tell me there is an overall output volume knob in Kick?

Unfortunately so many VSTi makers have been cranking their output levels to the max, which is a drag in many ways. I just bought Kick, assuming that it would have a simple overall Output Level control…but either I’m completely blind or it’s not there. I only see an output control for the click section, which is not what I mean – I mean an overall output level control for the entire sound that I’ve created. I hope I’m wrong and that this basic feature is in it somewhere!br
I don’t want to activate the limiter in most cases – I want to be in control of the sound myself, volume and limiting-wise, not be at the mercy of the plug-in that way.

You can adjust the sub and click volume or use lower velocity to avoid hitting the limiter.

Thanks for the help. An overall output level control, both pre and post limiter, is needed, however, in my opinion.