Im watching superhuman on itv1,  and its amazing 1st up is the real rainman an american who can remember anything and i mean anything from history… second up is ariel langie from isreal who at ten is a renound composer and classical performer (pianist)

next up its englands turn … ben pridmore who looks like a reject from gunter von hagens bodyworlds ,and sounds like he lives at home with his mum (and has a great relationship with her) …

 along with his really shiny bonce he also shines at wait for it … memorising a pack of cards ,

2 of hearts and 5 of spades apparently is marty pellow from wet wet wet ,

sorry but w w w. t .f is that about i have pains in my side from laughing so hard at englands effort at genius hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah:w00t:


Are you smarter than a 14 year old… all that stuff is Gas.

Breathing a sign of intelligence on the Isle of Man.

Gunter Von Hagens - I remember watching one Autopsy that he did on an old woman.

Wrong to laugh at the dead like… but:

All I can remember is her Grey Pubes sticking out all over the place like rouge antaenne.

Forget about having clean underwear on incase you gets hit by a bus…

Cut your ****ing Pubes - You might  be on Telly tomorrow! :w00t: