I created this track in Ableton with the ANA synth, I’m curious what you guys think of it. Thanks for listening already!

Nice work and cool track that could be revisited IMO.

Shorten the track, it’s hard to keep listener interest over almost 8 minutes, although you’re injecting some variations in the arrangement, there’s many repetitive parts.

The bass doesn’t work well with the synth, either try a different bass pattern ( less midi notes and rolling bass feel ) or change the pitch, feeling not in tune with synth and pad at the moment. It works quite well with the beat and percussive elements but not that well with synth & pad.

I was a bit lost during the break, mainly for the same reason, the synth is not tuned with the bass, makes your brain think it’s a different track.

Great Kick and percussive elements in there, a part that works quite well for me is from 4:36 until around 6:10 :wink

Hope this helps !

Keep it up :+1:


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Thnx for your feeback!!

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