Poor ANA

After adding a new preset folder to ANA that obviously contained presets, she crashed…hard! Several times as a matter of fact. It freaked Ableton Suite 9 out big time!br
Anyway, all the other preset folders work except for this “custom” folder I added. Once I click on it, Ableton crashes hard! I sent the crash reports to Ableton in case it’s on their side but I wanted to cover all my bases and post it here as well. Peace!!!br

Furthermore…I opened ANA and then loaded a preset from this folder via the File Menu. That worked fine. But, after it’s loaded it still shows up as the factory folder and the preset name is not available. Hmmmmm…Def on ANA’s side as far as I can tell. She’s not diggin tha new thang. LOL.

Structure needs to be bank/category/presetbr
Sounds like you have bank/preset.