Pop Track

hi guys

my first upload in a while,

wondered if you wouldnt mind giving the track listen. only 3mins. what can i do to improve it?

Pop Punch Instrumental by Carnehan


Hey mate, I tried to reply to your PM but your inbox is full.

Been having a listen and think that the breaks and transitions are really well placed, plus the strings really bring out the track.

The main melody does drag on a bit as there is no point where it doesn’t play, perhaps to give the ear a break from it you could take it out in one of the parts with the strings then bring it back in again after?

The track is pretty good apart from that in a pop perspective, it sounds like it’s an instrumental for some singer to be doing most of the work over the top.

I’ve listened to the instrumentals behind singers for a lot of pop songs and they’re not too disimilar to what you have got going on, nothing too complex but rides the track and melodies.

Cheers mate. Ye thats the intention for a singer to perform over the top. I agree about the bass melody could do with taking a break. Thanks for listening and the helpful feedback.

guys hope you had a listen to my newest track. ive been listening to it and comparing it to other tracks on soundcloud and beatport. came to the conclusion my track…

is phukin sh!t

back to the drawing board. gonna do something good soon if it kills me!

God, I hate comparing to Beatport songs. I want to throw my laptop at the phukin wall

Don’t compair, remember they will sound diff because they’ve had professional mastering that you can’t possibly match.

i think its the overall feel to my tracks… to easy going… not enough attitude in them. i need to harden the phuk up! add some filth :cool: