1. Synthpop

2. Crystal Castles

3. Not in Love


Hey Guys, could someone give me a hint on the massive reverbed synth you hear at 1:00 ??

It’s truly beautiful.


usually most of this Producers use a patch that sometimes are tweaked to sound more modern .

usually it would sounds more like a saw wave detuned with a triangle SW.

use the stereo of your synth and reverbs to make it sit in the back .

hope that tip helps

Thanks for the tip!

I think NI- Massive or Sylenth might be the best choice for this type of synth sound.

Also Crystal might do this job very well.

What makes the sound so interesting and big is:

  • layering (like said)
  • detuning
  • drastic reverb settings

    plus the sub bass that pushes the sound forward.

    I would also give a stereo imager a go to spread the sound!

    To make the sound sit back in the mix , you can also use a trick, that is used to create backing vocals.=> Cut carefully the lows and highs out.

    To add your own note:

    Try ducking your reverb unit. This way you can also benefit from a cleaner synth sound and avoid a muddy mix.


    If you own cameleon 5000, you could sample and analyze a part of the sound ( re- synthesis function!)

    I notice that threre is a solo synth part in arround 3:36. Not very sure but I think this sound is also playing in your example.

    Hope this helps.:smooooth: