Porter Robinson Bass

What’s the general consensus as to what synth/synth software Porter Robinson uses for his big wobble bass sounds? Massive?

Just curious. Thanks in advance.

Do you have an example of the sound? Maybe a YouTube link?

Sorry, Phil…Hastily-asked question on my phone. Thought I had embedded links. Here are some examples:

Bass hits at about the 1:50 mark

[url]- YouTube

At the 1:15 mark

[url]Porter Robinson - The Wildcat - YouTube

EDIT: gah! cannot figure out what you guys are using for youtube links in BBCode/IFCode.

You have to use the old youtube embed code.

Have you watched glitch step house and the popstep tutorials? tons of similar bass sounds

Think a lot of folks are using massive for this type of thing.

Thanks for the response, Phil. I suspected Massive, but he seems to be putting on so many effects that don’t seem like “external effects,” and have to be part of the synth. I assumed Massive was the weapon of choice. Thanks for listening.

I defo think there are externak fx used… Especially amp sims like guitar rig etc.